Understanding Faith-based Recovery

REPENTANCE: In a Biblical sense repentance means to change your mind. Included in its shades of meaning is genuine sorrow.

EDUCATION: After repentance then begins the process of learning and relearning.

COMMITMENT: Success in any recovery program requires personal commitment. Serious commitment means no turning back, no exits, and no doors. Quitting is not an option.

OBEDIENCE: Faith-based programs have high standards and a definite course of action, usually more rigorous than other recovery programs. Obeying the rules of a faith-based recovery program is vital for success.

VOLITION: Faith-based recovery programs are completely voluntary. Anything else produces cosmetic results without roots.

ENDURANCE: Faith-based recovery like any other recovery concept requires time. Time is sometimes painful. That is why in the Bible the words endurance and patience are interchangeable and companions. Patience requires endurance and endurance requires patience.

RENEWAL: Faith-based recovery places primary importance upon the renewing of the mind. That even means the destruction of addictive and emotional strongholds erected in the mind of the recovered.

YOURSELF: Faith-based recovery advocates believe that the process is personal and that a person must take responsibility for his/her own recovery.